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2019 Bad Actors Theater Awards

Bad Actors Theater is where I get together with various in-studio guests to act out films in popular culture.  Uvalde Radio listeners call in to identify the movie to win a prize.  Bad Actors Theater is always unrehearsed with the players getting their scripts only moments before going live on-air.  Below is a compliation of some of the stand out performances!  Please take a listen to the whole segment if possible.  To skip to a specific actor, move your curser to the appropriate time as listed below.  And the nominess are...

0:00 - Haley Blenkinsop in Moana
2:20 - Nikki Astling & Yvette Alejandro in Star Trek II
4:20 - Rosie Whisenant in Chicago
6:20 - Susan Rios in Guardians Of The Galaxy
8:10 - Suzanne Tumbarello in Beauty & The Beast